Our programs equip them with business competencies and soft skills essential to success in any venture. From the first spark of an idea, we empower people to discover their potential, take risks (and minimize them), test ideas, and act. As Orlando’s only nonprofit tech accelerator, we provide the connections and educational resources for tech starters and the entrepreneurial-curious.
Have you ever had an idea for a business, but didn’t know exactly how it would work, if you could make money with it, and how to get started? Join a bootcamp and take your company further than scribbles on a napkin. The sessions will bring you through the essentials of Lean Startup Methodology, including Business Model Canvas, value proposition, and customer discovery.

Idea Stage

The focus of this accelerator is to help the entrepreneurial-minded validate their business idea, collect feedback from potential customers, determine a sustainable revenue model, and learn how to communicate effectively about their business.


Build Stage

Now, it’s time to hit the ground running and get your business off the ground. In the Build stage, you will learn how to build, sustain, and grow your business. This is commonly the most difficult (and overlooked) of the three phases, but often this can be the make or break point.

Seed Stage

Our seed-stage accelerator is tailored for companies who have the appropriate growth and scaling potential for venture capital investment. The focus of this mentor-driven accelerator program is to scale quickly, drive customer traction, and become investment-ready. Each company is eligible for $25,000 from our evergreen seed fund after meeting specific milestones established at the start of the program.

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